Postgraduate Program in Education

The Postgraduate Program in Education (PPGE) of UNICAMP’s School of Education (FE/Unicamp /Brazil) is the largest in the University and probably, the largest in the Education Area in Brazil and Latin America. In 2016, it had 119 accredited teachers, divided into 89 permanent and 30 collaborators; 586 students, of which 226 in masters and 360 in PhDs courses. In terms of importance for the area, we can cite the amount of bibliographic academic production verified in the period of 2013 to 2016, from both teachers and students: 836 articles published in national and international journals; 1,087 book productions (integrals, chapters, organizations, prefaces and entries); and 1,186 publications in Congresses Annals.

The PPGE/FE has significant relevance in the national and international scenario, both by the political and theoretical-scientific militancy of its researchers, as well as by its academic production and recognized leadership in the Brazilian and Latin American educational community. It has a strong internationalization policy, being a reference for interfaces, covenants, exchanges and joint research projects with groups, laboratories and institutions, not only in Brazil but also from Latin America, Europe, Africa and North America, expressing its excellence as a Program of Post-graduation in Education.

From 2013, with the restructuring of the PPGE in 10 research lines, these became the organizing axes of the Masters and Doctoral courses of the PPGE/Unicamp, being offered specific subjects to each line and general disciplines of theoretical, epistemological and Methodological aspects of the research related to the educational field that perpass the themes and approaches of the research lines.


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