Professional Master's Degree in School Education

The Professional Master's Degree in School Education is more recent and was recognized by MEC Ordinance 259 on 02/15/2017. It is a modality at the stricto-sensu graduate level of professional and continued education aimed at Basic Education professionals. The course consists of studies, papers and research activities applied to professional practice in the school environment.


The course includes two lines of research: 1) Policy, Planning, Management and Evaluation of Basic Education and; 2) Pedagogical Practices in Basic Education. The objective of the Course is to privilege the formative process of basic education professionals, for a transformative performance of the procedures contemplated by professional practice, through a reflection on the experience, professional practice and the incorporation of scientific procedures dedicated to the study of policy, planning, management and evaluation of pedagogical practices in Basic education, thus differentiating itself from the academic master's degree, which, as indicated by CAPES, is essentially geared towards the formation of an academic research career, as provided by the 1996 LDBE and the 2014 PNE. 


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